Xander Harris - California Chrome LP


Xander Harris is an electronic artist blending tense atmospherics, Italo Disco,and psychedelic industrial through a cache of synthesizers old and new. His experimentation of Giallo Horror hybrids landed his debut album Urban Gothic on Fact Magazine’s Best 50 LPs of 2011 list. Harris' remix work has seen him reinterpret material from Peaking Lights, Zyna Hel and Mogwai, just to name a few, creating a Crowley-ian cosmic tone for the dance floor. Xander is a resident of Austin, TX with deep ties to the burgeoning live hardware performance community of the area. In 2016, Rock Action Records will release his new album, California Chrome, an exploration of hallucinatory EBM recorded meticulously at his home studio over the course of twelve months.

The Scarlet Deception
Straight Up Satan
Basilisk Stare
The Eye In The Triangle
Predator State
Nervous Serpents
Buckle Bunny