Mugstar - Magnetic Seasons (CD)


The new album from Mug Star on CD.

Hailing from Liverpool, Mugstar have been playing, performing and
recording since 2003. Adored for their heavy psychedelic krautrock
sound and intense live sets, Mugstar’s first single ‘Spotlight Over
Memphis’ caught the ears of radio DJ John Peel. Mugstar have since
issued a string of singles, EP’s and several full-length albums, as
well as a split release with Mudhoney. The band also recorded the
last-ever Peel Session.

1. Unearth
2. Flemish Weave
3. Time Machine
4. Remember the Breathing
5. La Vallee
6. Magnetic Seasons
7. Regency Blues
8. Sky West and Crooked
9. Ascension Island